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Another year for the books. I can honestly say this was a transformation year for me as a photographer. My style developed a bit, I reached some goals of mine, I successfully captured 37 weddings and I met some amazing humans along the way. Each client teaches me something – sometimes it’s little things, like Mallory’s wedding where I learned the term “jumble” for the unposed group photos I like so much! Or my adventure throughout the year with Adam and Olivia and all of their milestones from pregnancy, to a new born and to marriage. I’ve found that my favorite part of being a photographer is all the people I meet along the way. I tried to pick some favorite moments of mine. I love a good portrait as much as the next person but I wanted to pick photos that captured a moment in time. The hugs at weddings, the mid laugh smiles, the kisses and the photos that give you all of the nostalgia for this past year. I’m so thankful that is my job and I can’t wait to see what 2018 has in store.

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